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About The Nice Tri

The Nice Tri concept was the idea of Mindy Toyne, owner of In Any Event, a Des Moines-based event production company. She also has a special needs son who has never been able to participate in traditional sports. For years she thought a Lazy Triathlon or Nada Triathlon would be a blast for participants but never moved forward with the concept.  After several years of hearing her son Koen plead with her to just “celebrate and embrace his laziness” it became apparent this event needed to happen.  Ultimately the goal was to create an event that truly offers something for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

Photo Jun 04 2023, 11 51 39 AM.jpg

The Concept

At last…a Triathlon that ANYONE can participate in (and train for!) The inaugural Nice Tri event allows all participants to enjoy and succeed regardless of their fitness, motivation or mobility! 

Participants will complete the following if they feel like it:

  • 1 Lap around the Great Lawn of the Lauridsen Amphitheatre on foot- flip flops encouraged. Distance = ⅓ Mile.

  • Float across the pond in a floatation device of any type.  Bring your own “floatie” or use a kayak or canoe that will be provided.  Distance = 50 yards

  • Cruise around the Arboretum of Water Works Park on anything with wheels!  Distance - ¼ Mile. Or bike, cruise or coast any distance you please around the park. Bring your own bike or use one that we will have available (including recumbent and a limited number of adaptive bikes.)

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